Why use a mortgage agent over a bank?

Plain and simple - for better rates and quality service. As an agent, lenders complete for your business, so they offer certain rates, and incentives to try and win you over. These can be smaller pre payment penalties in case you sell or refinance early, more advantageous pre payment privileges, as well as lower rates. Plus, once your home has funded, you will not be pushed aside. You are a client for as long as you choose to be and I will always be here to answer any questions or offer advice.

Do I have to pay for your services?

In most cases my services are absolutely free. I get compensated by the lenders once the deal closes. There are seldom times when the lender does not compensate me, at that time we would discuss any fees. This usually only happens in private mortgage situations.

Do you work with lenders of all situations?

Yes, because we work with many lenders, this gives us a list of lending possibilities for many situations.

What can I afford?

This is the million dollar question. It is impossible to determine how much one cane afford without crunching the numbers. Any rate provided before seeing the whole situation would be a guess, and that is not how I like to work. You can be assured I will work to get you the lowest possible rate you qualify for.

Can I pay my property taxes with my mortgage?

Of course! Most lenders will collect this and pay to the municipality on your behalf. Many people elect for this option, but some do like to pay them on their own either monthly, quarterly, semi annually or even annually. Keep in mind, that in order to refinance or sell, these must be up to date.

I have a previous bankruptcy or proposal. Can you help?

Most certainly. There are lenders that require discharge from bankruptcy for as little as 1 day. As long as everything has been handled correctly we should be fine.

I am self-employed, and claim less than I earn. can I still get a mortgage?

Of course. Self employment has become so common that there are programs specifically designed to help those who decided to take the risk and open up their own business. Extra paper work may be required, but there are many lenders offering such programs.